What We Do

First Rate Marine Foam Facility Manufacturer

NANHAI has been deeply involved in Marine Foam Fenders & Marine Foam Buoys industry for nearly 20 years. Continuously update technology to meet customers' requirement of safety, reliability and economy which has been the international leading  Marine Foam Facility manufacturer.

Ocean Defender


Ocean Armored-Defender


Ocean Dolphin

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Donut Fender

donut fender

Submarine Foam Fender


Customized Foam Fender


Mooring Buoys


Floating Foam Barriers

Who We Are

NANHAI Introduction

SHANDONG NANHAI AIRBAG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. is a international leading marine fender manufacturer with almost 20 years of group experience in fender production.

Company has two large-scale modern production and processing centers adhering to the development strategy of "Focusing on product research and development, In-depth floating technology innovation, exploring marine technology, and adhering to high-end manufacturing". NANHAI established the professional R&D technology center to provide customers with systematic technology solutions.

Nearly 20 years development, company scale ranks NO.1 in China, products and technology applications have covered more than 80 countries and regions on 7 continents. NANHAI became the well-known brand in the world.

Why We Are

NANHAI Marine Foam Facility Advantages

After years of product R&D combined with actual product applications and user feedback, NANHAI Marine Foam Facility ( Foam Fenders and  Foam Buoys ) reflects the excellent product performance, and truly exerts its ultimate reliability, safety and stability, empowering world green and smart docks.

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Absorption and Reaction

Superior absorption and reaction are basic
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Reinforcement System

Skeleton part,depth enhancement strength
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Service Life

Service and design life exceed industry standard
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Safety and Reliable

Burst-free and won't explode under emergency
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Corrosion Resistance

Anti-acid, alkali and salt corrosion, anti-UV
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Harsh Environment

Material application can reach -50℃ to -100℃
Our Solutions

NANHAI Marine Foam Facility Solutions

NANHAI Marine Foam Facility ( Foam Fenders, Foam Buoys, Foam Barriers )  widely used in Dock Berthing, STS Operations, Offshore Floating Project, Marine Floating Barriers etc.

Have Your Attention Please

NANHAI Other Marine Industrial Forms

The development of NANHAI during the past 20 years has involved many maritime fields, providing global customers with overall solutions for Berthing, Mooring, Ship to Ship, Ocean Wind Power, Deep-Sea Farming, Buoyancy and Salvage, Bridge Blocking, Ship Launching, Dock Caisson Moving etc.