General Surface Support Buoys

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NANHAI General Surface Support Buoys are manufactured from a polyethylene thermolaminated foam core encapsulated within a self-colored polyurethane outer skin. Used extensively in single point mooring systems.


General Surface Support Buoys

All General Surface Support Buoys have a flotation core manufactured from resilient closed cell polyethylene foam, thermolaminated around internal steelwork and encapsulated within a tough, abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomers skin. Use of a polyethylene foam core rather than conventional polyurethane foam ensure the buoy will not absorb water even if the skin is punctured, increasing the lifespan of the product and reducing maintenance costs. The resilient material makes the buoys self fendering with a high impact absorption capacity.

General Surface Support Buoys

General Surface Support Buoys Spec.

The durable and flexible polyurethane elastomer is self colored and does not attract marine growth. It is resistant to both abrasion and ultra violet degradation. For extreme operating conditions the skin can be reinforced to add further strength.

*Buoyancy and buoy weight will be change according to customization. Please contact us to know more.

*Buoyancy and buoy weight will be change according to customization. Please contact us to know more.

*Buoyancy and buoy weight will be change according to customization. Please contact us to know more.

01  Polyurethane Coating Layer

Non-marking Polyurethane sprayed on the outside of foam core.

02  Reinforced nylon cord skeleton layer

Multi-layer cords are winding during the polyurethane spraying process.

03  Foam Core

100% fully closed cell foam core.


Optional Accessories

Clevis Eye

Optional Accessories

Bail Eye

Optional Accessories

Single Locking Pin

Optional Accessories

Chain Locking Plate

Optional Accessories

International Leading Buoys Manufacturer

NANHAI is the international leading foam buoy manufacturer, accumulated nearly 20 years R&D and production experience. 

SHANDONG NANHAI AIRBAG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. established since 2006, which is the international leading manufacturer in marine fender and marine airbag production. NANHAI is also the China leading brand in offshore buoyancy engineering industry. Company focuses on various areas including port infrastructure, berthing and mooring, offshore floating structure R&D, design and technology application ( offshore wind power, marine aquaculture, oil and gas, bridge protection, etc. ) After nearly 20 years of development, product and technology applications have covered more than 80 countries and regions in 7 continents, NANHAI became the well-known brand in the world.

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NANHAI manufacture in all types marine buoys and provide customized buoys solutions.

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Feel free to contact us for more details

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    The development of NANHAI during the past 20 years has involved many maritime fields, providing global customers with overall solutions for Berthing, Mooring, Ship to Ship, Ocean Wind Power, Deep-Sea Farming, Buoyancy and Salvage, Bridge Blocking, Ship Launching, Dock Caisson Moving etc.