Foam Barriers | Floating Barriers

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NANHAI Floating Barriers ( Foam Barriers ) are bespoke barrier systems for demarcation, security and entry restriction applications in all marine environments from shallow to offshore.


Foam Barriers | Floating Barriers

NANHAI Foam Barriers | Floating Barriers are bespoke barrier systems for demarcation, security and entry restriction applications in all marine environments from shallow to offshore. 

NANHAI Foam Barriers | Floating Barriers uses the laminated polyethylene foam core inside and with thick long nylon filament reinforced layer. Foam | Floating Barriers Barriers is unsinkable even in case of damage. And self-colored polyurethane elastomer skin is resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet ray degradation.

Foam Barriers | Floating Barriers

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NANHAI Provide Foam Barriers Customization Service.

Foam Barriers Structure.

  • 01 High Performance Pu Coating
  • 02 Fully closed cell foam core
  • 03 Thick Nylon Filament Reinforced Layer
  • 04 Heavy Duty Internal Axis
  • 05 High Strength End Fittings (Customized)

Foam Barriers Features.

  • Unsinkable Construction
  • Highly Performance PU Skin
  • Almost No Maintenance
  • Corrosion and UV resistance
  • No Risk of Bursting
  • Very Robust
  • Customized Size

Foam Barriers | Floating Barriers Applications

Bridge Barriers | Marine Barriers


Bridge Barriers

Bridges have navigable and non-navigable passages, and non-navigable passages prohibit ships from navigating, so many bridges have implemented the installation of non-navigable passage blocking facilities, and built a safety line of defense on both sides of the bridge, thereby greatly improving the defense against out-of-control ships colliding with bridges.

NANHAI Bridge Barriers cooperates with the steel structure bracket to form a group of floating units, and each floating unit is connected by a blocking net to build a security defense line. This technology is independently developed and designed by Nanhai Company, and has applied for a number of patented technologies.


Marine Barriers

  • Protect new weirs in case a ship gets off course
  • Demarcation Barriers
  • Restrict Entrance

International Leading Foam Fender Manufacturer

NANHAI is the international leading foam Fender manufacturer, accumulated nearly 20 years R&D and production experience. 

SHANDONG NANHAI AIRBAG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. established since 2006, which is the international leading manufacturer in marine fender and marine airbag production. NANHAI is also the China leading brand in offshore buoyancy engineering industry. Company focuses on various areas including port infrastructure, berthing and mooring, offshore floating structure R&D, design and technology application ( offshore wind power, marine aquaculture, oil and gas, bridge protection, etc. ) After nearly 20 years of development, product and technology applications have covered more than 80 countries and regions in 7 continents, NANHAI became the well-known brand in the world.


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    The development of NANHAI during the past 20 years has involved many maritime fields, providing global customers with overall solutions for Berthing, Mooring, Ship to Ship, Ocean Wind Power, Deep-Sea Farming, Buoyancy and Salvage, Bridge Blocking, Ship Launching, Dock Caisson Moving etc.