Misson Vision Value


Innovate and promote NANHAI NO. 1 airbag technology, become world-leading supplier of marine airbag and marine fenders


Provide marine airbag and fender over all solutions for ports, offshore engineering and ships

Team Value





NANHAI 4P2S Standard


 Professional  ( For Excellence )

Provide professional, safe and economical overall solutions for ports, marine engineering and ships.

 Production  ( For Protection)

Superior,safe and stable products,all-weather protection for docks and ships.

 Performance  ( For Stability )

Performance higher than industry standards to ensure product stability.

 Personality  ( For Uniqueness )

For the special customization of the project, solve the existing problems in the application scenario.

 Speed  ( For Efficiency )

Improve the work efficiency of all stages,optimize efficiency and reduce costs for customers.

 Service  ( For Satisfaction )

Technical support, delivery time, cargo transportation, on-site guidance, after-sales service, etc., strive to make customers 100% satisfied.

Have Your Attention Please

NANHAI Other Marine Industrial Forms

The development of NANHAI during the past 20 years has involved many maritime fields, providing global customers with overall solutions for Berthing, Mooring, Ship to Ship, Ocean Wind Power, Deep-Sea Farming, Buoyancy and Salvage, Bridge Blocking, Ship Launching, Dock Caisson Moving etc.