Floating Project

Floating device refers to providing buoyancy for a certain objects in water to achieve the purpose of floating. There are many types floating device, such as: steel buoys, rubber pontoon, floating airbags etc.

Ocean Defender has self-buoyancy, and through the technology upgrade by NANHAI, it has become a new type of floating device, which has the characteristics of no sinking, anti-aging, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, marine biological corrosion resistance, and UV resistance,long-service life etc.

Carbon neutrality has become the mainstream and direction of global development transformation.In recent years, various countries have begun to vigorously develop offshore wind power technology to meet environmental protection requirements. At present, Ocean Defender is one safe and reliable buoyancy device cooperate with strong application of technical solutions,provide transportation and buoyancy for offshore wind power equipment.We can supply environmental protection, safety and reliability, long-service life, economical and other systematic solutions.

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NANHAI Other Marine Industrial Forms

The development of NANHAI during the past 20 years has involved many maritime fields, providing global customers with overall solutions for Berthing, Mooring, Ship to Ship, Ocean Wind Power, Deep-Sea Farming, Buoyancy and Salvage, Bridge Blocking, Ship Launching, Dock Caisson Moving etc.